Hydraulic Bolt Remover

  • LEHO Bolt Remover / Liner Bolt Remover

    LEHO Bolt Remover / Liner Bolt Remover

    The LEHO Bolt Remover is designed into remote-controlled mobile ball grinder bolt removal equipment, which can be used to remove lateral pins and bolts; with the high degree of integration, large impact force, small recoil force, advanced technology, high degree of automation and excellent removal efficiency.

    LEHO Bolt Remover can be used to remove the pin of the cubic hinge pressure machine in the artificial diamond industry, removal of Pin Shafts in Concrete Pump Trucks and Excavators, Removal of liner bolts in the field of ball grinder. It has a large impact force, no recoil force, simple operation, safe and reliable operation, advanced technology and high degree of automation.  After being skilled, only two people can quickly remove the pins with diameters of φ180 mm × 700 mm and φ190 mm × 700 mm from the fit clearance in the 0.08 mm ~ 0.1 mm hole, and get rid of the traditional mode of manually sledgehammer and bell-striking.  Labor costs are decreased from 5-6 people to 1-2 people.